Ugo Bienvenu for EDWIN

For Spring/Summer 2018, EDWIN have invited French director and illustrator Ugo Bienvenu to collaborate on a series of future-pop inspired, graphic novel style tees.

Ugo's came up through the ranks at leading design institutions Estienne, Les Gobelins, CalArts and Les Arts Decoratifs in Paris, attracting international attention and acclaim. It was during his time in California that he turned to 2D animation as his main medium, cultivating a contemporary, experimental style reminiscent of the comic books of the 40's and 50's.

His work, equipped with this distinctive and evolving aesthetic, lends itself to short animated films, music videos as well as venturing into the commercial world of comic books and illustration.

Ugo's latest film for EDWIN mixes a naïve, pop culture style with a more mature treatment, using vivid colours and a character-based narrative. Taking stills from the animation, the collaboration includes original artworks such as "The Family & The Rainbow" and "What an Afternoon" among others.

Both Tees are now available in limited numbers.

"An indispensable companion for your holidays, to serve you and make you feel better!"


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