Some Swimming Pools - EDWIN x Zach Sebastian

Printed in 2015 in monochrome on coloured paper stock and limited to a first edition of 200, "Some Swimming Pools and a Broken Crack Pipe" by Zach Sebastian is a zine paying homage to Ed Ruscha’s Nine Swimming Pools and a Broken Glass.

Where Ruscha photographed beautiful pools filled with deep blue water, Sebastian has photographed derelict, decaying, abandoned concrete holes in the ground.

The unavoidable comparison between the two photo books spurs questions surrounding the subject matter. While Ruscha’s photographs were meant to be seen simply as they were presented, on a formal level, Sebastian’s empty and often dilapidated swimming pools cause a sense of wonder and curiosity for greater context. 

Why have these pools been abandoned? What does a deteriorating pool mean? What is the significance of pools more generally in the United States and what are the prevailing expectations and culture surrounding them? These books put into conversation with one another, pose an interesting lens into societal values and traditions in America.

The EDWIN x Zach Sebastian project for Spring/Summer 2018 comprises of a selection of photographic prints taken from the zine, screen printed onto an oversized heavyweight tee, a hooded sweat and a special, all over print, "Cabana Boy" shirt.


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