HYPEBEAST Magazine - Issue 18 - The Sensory Issue

New in store this week we welcome the 18th issue of HYPEBEAST Magazine, exploring the five senses with Hajime Sorayama, Gorillaz, Alexander Wang and Nepenthes founder Keizo Shimizu.

This time around, the renowned airbrush master Hajime Sorayama is the exclusive cover story, having honed his art down to a science over a four-decade-long career. Gorillaz also take a break from promoting their new album Humanz to fill us in on their aural explorations during their six-year hiatus in typical devil-may-care style.

Other key features include Belfast-based artist Jack Coulter, whose synesthesia allows him to visualise sounds as animated colour, Blaise Mautin, the perfumer behind visvim’s store fragrances, Keizo Shimizu, founder of Nepenthes and San Francisco native Alexander Wang.