Bootleg Box Logo T-Shirt

Wasting hours on the internet is something we specialise in, here at FUSShop, so it'll come as no surprise to find out that we found this gem hidden away in the deepest darkest corner of the dark web, produced by a 15 year old in his parents basement, whilst wearing a £3000 leather varsity jacket and £1200 satin pyjama bottoms.

To get your hands on this limited edition bootleg you WON'T have to:

- Download a 'Bot'
- Sign up to a mysterious mailing list.
- Join a pre-queue, queue in a secret location at a random time.
- Sleep overnight in the street with a load of obsessive teenagers wearing £300 trainers.

A regular fitting T-Shirt available in White with Black Box Logo and Stealth, Black on Black options.


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