A Closer Look | Edwin 'Sideways Rain Camo'

This week Edwin have given us a bit more information about the camouflage and details of the Road Lined Jacket

The ‘SIDEWAYS RAIN CAMO’ is an Edwin exclusive, based on the idea of an oversized horizontal rain pattern, printed on to 100% heavy cotton canvas and given a stone wash.

The Road Lined Jacket comes complete with removable shank buttons as found on 1940/50′s military uniforms. They were originally designed to be removable so the garment could be easily washed and pressed using a washboard and mangle.

To provide extra warmth, the jacket and gilet are finished with a striped blanket lining. Crafted from a woven wool melange in earthy tones to compliment the camouflage outer.


Find more photos on the Indigo Curious section of the Edwin site - CLICK HERE

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