How to Sea Wash Your Raw Denim | Edwin ED-55

This afternoon another delivery of Edwin denim arrived including a restock of the ED-55 and ED-71 in red listed selvage...

The image above is of the Edwin Store Managers ED-55's after 3 months of heavy wear. (It will take a lot longer to achieve this wear if you only wear them for a couple of days a week.)

Whilst we're on the topic of Edwin and denim, below you can see a little video that Nico from GLLTN put together to show you one extreme method of washing your raw denim if you just can't wait any longer.


1. Wear your jeans for as long as possible.
2. Get yourself to a beach, preferably a hot one. (We've done this in the North Sea before and it took all of the fun out of it!)
3. Spend a bit of time in the water, enough to get them soaked through and covered in salty water.
4. Head back to the beach and rub sand into the denim, paying close attention to the areas that matter most. 
5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you are happy that the denim is clean and the sand has done it's job.
6. Rinse your jeans in fresh water. Usually beaches have these facilities closeby.
7. Wear the jeans until they are dry, or if that's not possible, leave them out in the sun to dry.

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