A Closer Look | Southern Field Industries | Flap Wallet

Thanks to Dan at 1tem, for taking a closer look at one of our most recent additions, the Southern Field Industries Flap Wallet.

More images & info HERE

Available in Tan (above) and Natural along with the Stud Wallet in Black.


Here's what Manabu from SFI told 1tem about the craftsmanship and design behind the Flap Wallet. 

"Our Flap Wallet was originaly made for myself, I needed a wallet that was extremely simple but beautiful, a one pocket wallet. I wanted to produce something that was simple and unique. So I decided to make one by hand stitching with a artificial sinew thread. And I stitched it just like the way of stitching for moccasin. Our Flap Wallet is constructed with only 3 squared panels. Stud wallet has just only two squared panels. I love both wallets, especially the Flap Wallet as it is so useful and uniquely designed."

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