FUSShop on Nuji | Up to 20% Discount

We've been a member of Nuji for a while now, but this week we have stepped it up and we can now offer you up to 20% discount by simply tagging products you like from the store...

If you're new to Nuji it is invite only. The good news is we have a link that will allow you instant access and will follow FUSShop automatically.

CLICK HERE (you can connect using your Facebook account or email address)

Here's how it works:

1. Save an item from FUSShop to your Nuji account.
2. Another Nuji user re-tags the item you just saved.
3. You receive an email notification that you have earned points for FUSShop.

Every time that happens you earn points towards discount up to 20%.

4. You are sent a weekly email that breaks down the total points you’ve accumulated with an option to redeem your discount.

REMEMBER: The more you tag, the more you save...

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