The first pieces of the Garbstore collection for Spring / Summer 2012 have landed at FUSShop this week.

Some classic pieces including the 50's Motor Sweat, a 100% Cotton looped back Nep Jersey showing small colours in the weave of the cloth. A FUSShop favourite.

The Turnstile shirt also makes a return, Portuguese Luxury Oxford Shirting with a low ticket pocket on the front. What sets this shirt apart is the elbow patches in contrast Gingham check cloth.

"The new collection is simply entitled “F.O.E Workers”, which means one of several things: F.O.E (“French or English”), F.O.E (“Friend or Enemy”), or FOE (“Faux”) meaning false workers.

The old rivalry between the English and the French, the similar tastes in workwear and historical garments, the idea that things can be faked, and that people don’t always get along. 

This collection of garments references all of these points in a way that is seemingly hidden but means something personal to us"

Finally we have the 'Standards' T-Shirt - Ian Paley's eyes glaring at you, the chief inspectorate of clothing!!

More coming soon, CLICK HERE

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