Edwin SS12 Lookbook

In anticipation of the summer days ahead, here is a look at EDWIN's latest lookbook.

"The shoot humbly reflects an incredible week shared with a group of individuals, all from different backgrounds and places. People thrown together with a common passion for living in the present, sharing a random moment and a feeling of true freedom. A feeling similar to ones felt during the long hot summers of our youth, spent simply, without agenda or prejudice. 

We made good friends, and this is what our product is about; meeting and sharing common ideologies, enjoying the quality and durability of both friendship and product. 

The true spirit of Edwin jeans is created but the person living in them, making everyday count with yesterday's memories etched into the rich indigo fabric and in the knowledge that tomorrow's good times are still to be created. Friendship and absolute freedom."

We will send out printed copies of the lookbook FREE with Edwin orders (whilst stocks last)

You can see the rest of the lookbook over on the EDWIN site - CLICK HERE