Ornamental Conifer Gocco Print - Always on the Lookout

Traditional sign painter by trade, Ornamental Conifer's distinct typography seems to pop up in some of the most random places, including motorcycle helmets, a proposal on the walls of the ACE Hotel and even in an Arctic Monkeys music video.

Nico, kindly took some time out of his busy Los Angeles schedule, to hand draw his latest piece, "ALWAYS ON THE LOOKOUT", exclusively available at FUSShop.

As an added bonus, the first 30 people to buy a print are in with a chance getting themselves one of three custom printed Field Notes memo books.


Hand printed using a Japanese PG-11 Gocco Printer. Developed in 1977 by Noboru Hayama, Gocco printing is now a dying art form, with printers and supplies difficult to source.

The system works using flash bulbs, a carbon-based image and an emulsion-coated screen. When the bulbs are manually flashed, the carbon in the drawing burns the screen into a stencil.

Dimensions: A6 (105mm x 148mm)

A limited edition of 100.